Many years ago Alonso and Jon adopted their first Greyhound, Gigi.  Gigi was painfully shy.  When they asked the rescue group how to fix this, they were told "adopt a second!"


Mr. Buck had been abandoned in the country, left to die.  Alonso and Jon rescued him from the San Antonio pound 40 minutes before he was to be put down.  Buck was a gentle, old soul who began to teach the two guys about life, love and forgiveness.


Thus began the GBARK, a place where dogs deemed "unadoptable" find their forever homes and, in the process, teach people about the true meaning of love.



After Buck, came Misty, who was dumped by a breeder because a race track had "cancelled the order."  Misty came with a love of life and joyful demeanor.

Just a week later Julie and Topsy were returned by their owners because they no longer "matched the decor."  Because there was no guarantee that they could remain together Alonso and Jon decided to keep them. And they stayed together until Topsy's death in May 2007.


Shortly thereafter Alonso and Jon adopted a mixed breed named "Hannah.  Hannah was the only non-greyhound in the group and she "rode herd" over the pack.



Upon returning to California the two guys took in Kendoll, Sasha, Dash, Soho, Frida, Ernie, Wylie, Ralphie and Kali.  In addition they have temporarily cared for more than 1100 dogs over the course of 13 years.



In Memory of...


In July 2005 Ernie, who had been given up by his family of eight years died of bone cancer at age 13.  He had spent the last two years of his life at GBARK.

In April 2007 our beloved Topsy Turvy, aged 8, died suddenly in our arms.  She was a dear, sweet dog and is missed terribly.


In July 2007 Frida, who had been dumped on a busy highway when she was 11, passed away at the ripe old age of 14.  Frida was a joy and inspiration, as through her many infirmities, she  savored and enjoyed each and every moment of life given her.


Mr. Buck lived a robust and exemplary life.  He left us at age 14 years 4 months on November 17, 2008.


Soho was one of the best cases for saving these dogs.  He was aggressive and fearful.  By the time of his death, November 26, 2008, he was sleeping in the bed!

Chuy developed bone cancer and passed in November 2009.  He was such a special dog and proves that there are NO bad dogs.


Julie passed in December 2010.


Lexie passed in Spring 2011. 


In late 2011 we lost the last of our "originals." Misty. Hannah and Gigi, who started it all.


Emmett passed in May 2012.


All of our dear departeds are remembered in a Memorial Garden at the back of our 5 acre property.  There, in amongst the wildflowers, asters and marigolds, their memories are preserved and honored.



New Arrivals


  • Cosmo, 10. Great brindle boy Came in 2013. He learned the dog door in about one minute and staked out his bed the first day.
  • Elton, age unknown, probably a mix. rescued from the Richmond, IN pound. He quickly fit in.
  • 2012 Came Thumper who is hoot! He is a blond brindle. He had some issues, but he sleeps in the bed upside down!
  • Ginger, a beautiful white mix with blue eyes, and is completely feaf, came in 2012
  • Dulce, also a mix came in 2012 as a puppy. She is the class clown.
  • "Bucky" our three legged hound mix was named in honor of Mister Buck, because he has such a good spitit.  He is about 4. 
  • In September 2009 we received Mabel and Koby, whose owner died unexpectedly in June. Her couragous sister sent them to live out their lives in the peaceful bliss of GBARK. Koby died suddenly after being here for five weeks, but he lived long enough to make sure Mabel, who he loved dearly, was in a good place.  He was 13.  Mabel lived two more years, also to age 13.
  •  And...then came Pepi, a Borzoi-Greyhound mix. He is now 6 years old. hard to believe we got him as a puppy!
  •  June 2011.  Sadly Sasha, Lexie and Ralphie has crossed the Rainbow Bridge and are buried in our Memory Garden.  Lexie was 12, Sasha 11 and Ralphie, 10.  We miss each one of them.
  • In December 2010, we received Wizzard from Tulsa.  He is a silly boy with a bum rear leg. He is 7.
  • In March came Bella, now 5, who had some behavioral issues.  She is doing great. 
  • In September 2011 JC and Zorba, 9 and 10. Both beautiful brindles!
  • In August 2011 came Lucy, 10 and Buffy, 8.  Lucy was to be "shot" because her usefullness as a breeder was over and Buffy had a bad back leg. Both are wonderful!
  • Moe came to us in July 2012. He reminds us of Ernie, can be grumpy sometimes, but he loves us!